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A Drive to Drive

Never be late to class again when you’ve built a race car on campus!* A small group of New Century seniors took a risk and enrolled in Ms. Reed’s B2 class: Engineering Research and Design. After a stint of brainstorming curriculum ideas with the seniors, we received a green spotlight from the school district… GREENPOWER.

A surprised group of guys and mechanically-challenged teacher unloaded the contents of a Formula 24 kit car into the classroom. Before too long, the whiz-kids designed a logo, a website, social media presence, and the entire 100+ pound electric-powered car! The engineering design process was learned through hands-on experience while the Falcon Fever team realized things like “R” stands for right on the front wheel assembly. Soldering, drilling, arguing, and celebrating has become a regular experience during B2 in Room 306.

The team raced with 11 other high school cars in November with the goal of completing the race and establishing baseline data. Plans for the future include modifications to the existing design to make it more aerodynamic and battery-efficient. Falcon Fever is seeking donations for several items which should improve competitiveness. Please visit the website at and contact them if you can help!

*This is not a promotion for driving in the hallways at school.