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Engineering Recap 2018-19

written by journalism students Jayden Gautrauex and Laurel Kelton
published on May 16, 2019

Throughout the 2018-2019 school year, New Century’s engineering strand was involved in several educational activities and projects.

SPD (Scientific Payload Design) participated in the inSPIRESS (Innovative System Project for the Increased Recruitment of Emerging STEM Students) program, created by UAH professors Dr. Matt Turner and Dr. Michael Benfield (Matt & PJ). In the class, students were split into three teams: Glacies Iaspis, Sabertooth, and Vita-X. Each team brainstormed their own team identity and scientific objective(s). Junior student Hannah Szcepanski says participating in InSPIRESS taught her “a lot about effective communication and problem solving as a team and as an individual.” After several months of research and design, the teams presented their Final Review presentations to a panel of 20 engineers who were either retired or from local companies. Team Vita-X won First Place for their Payload Concept Proposal, a 9 page report on how their payload design would function. 

CEA (Civil Engineering and Architecture) partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Madison County during the first semester. Over the course of 12 weeks, the two classes built a child’s playhouse from the ground up, complete with shingles and siding. They then painted the house’s interior and exterior following the theme “Starry Lodge”. Design Team member and Junior student Ruby Shepherd says, “originally there was conflict of the design theme, but in the end both classes worked together and created something amazing”. Following the completion of the playhouse, there was a contest started between New Century and Bob Jones. The “Starry Lodge” from New Century was voted the winner at the end of the judging period. A celebration for New Century’s victory followed, where the classes received a plaque congratulating their win.

Aerospace Fundamentals, newly led by Ms. Roper-Roach, also participated in a program sponsored by UAH. The EXCITE (Exploring Collaborations that Inspire

Transformations in Education) program is intended to influence future engineering students to pursue their dreams in their career. The classes were led by UAH representatives to construct an egg-drop carriage to protect an egg from breaking after falling from a height of four-hundred feet. They also constructed catapult devices, that could launch objects over twenty feet! These experiences taught students problem solving skills and how to work as a team.

New Century Technology High School has a very ambitious student body that strives to succeed. The Engineering Strand further encourages this by providing students with several opportunities that strengthen their knowledge of their strand and advance them further in their education. Each class experiences their own challenges that help shape the students into better engineers. With several awards and achievements in the bag, every engineering student (and teacher!) should feel incredibly proud of how much they’ve grown and developed during this school year. We’re looking forward to seeing how much can be accomplished next year by these amazing students!