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Getting to Know the Biomedical Strand

written by Junior Journalism student, Khory Calenberg

The Biomedical strand is one of three strands at New Century that students can choose to be a member of during their high school career. This strand offers courses that revolve around medicine, healthcare, and biological sciences. Students who are in the Biomedical strand often want to have careers in the medical field such as doctors, nurses, veterinarians, paramedics, and anesthesiologists. About 31% of NCTHS students are in the biomedical strand, and of that 31%, 83% are female.

There are several courses Biomed students can choose to take (though a student wanting to be a strand completer should take at least 8). Internship, Therapeutics, Principles of Biomedical Science, Foundations, Human Body Systems, and Medical Interventions are just a few of the classes Biomed students can choose between to take, though some of them can only be taken once the student has met certain prerequisites (for example, a student cannot serve as an intern until they have taken Therapeutics). Each class teaches its students a little bit more about different aspects of healthcare, and can even help them realize what they want to do for a living. If you have a love for anatomy, care giving, genetics, or anything in-between, the Biomedical strand is the strand for you. With interesting courses, inspiring teachers, and countless activities and opportunities, the Biomed strand is a path you should consider walking down if you dream about a future in healthcare and medicine.