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How to Create Your Own NCTHS Club!

written by journalism student, Hannah Szcepanski
published April 30, 2019

Clubs at New Century give numerous activities for students to be a part of and meet people with similar interests. Although there is already a wide variety, not everyone’s interests may be covered. Students at New Century are welcomed to attempt to create any club of their liking. However, there is a process that involves time, knowledge, and effort. 

During the end of the 2017-18 school year, student Hannah Szcepanski worked to create a Science Olympiad Team. The first step in her process was to ask several teachers if they would be interested in sponsoring a new club. Once a teacher sponsor was chosen, her next step was to put together a persuasive presentation with information pertaining to what the club was, how it would benefit New Century, and what type of materials would be needed and their cost. Club proposals with a clear interest and passion and a substantial amount of information are more likely to be approved by administration.

Another New Century student, Anas Alrobiai created a Chess Club during the 2018-19 school year. When Alrobiai was asked “What was the hardest part of creating a new club?”, he responded, “There were multiple complications during the process of starting Chess Club. The most difficult part was not giving up when only having a limited amount of support during the second semester of school.”

It is important to remember that creating a club is only the beginning of this rewarding experience. It takes time, effort, and dedication to run a successful club and have positive results on the student body. Be inspired. Take charge. And don’t be afraid to make your mark at New Century.