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Kickin' It with Karl (Part 1)

Written collaboratively by Publicity Club

There’s a squirrel in class! Publicity Club’s mascot, Karl, has ventured through the clubs at New Century. Here’s what he discovered during Friday’s zero period. Stay tuned for Karl’s next adventure when he may surprise faculty, staff, or YOU!

Club Picture Caption
Cap & Gown Karl takes a trip to Cap & Gown! Daymon and Jordan help Karl prepare for #Operation36 (an ACT prep program).

Akash, Colin, Evelyn, Nick, and Lilli were joined by Karl during Robotics in Room 305. The club focuses on competitions where they must design a robot to accomplish a task. For more information, please talk to Mr. Agnew.

Health Occupations Student Organization Karl met with HOSA president, Shreyas, during zero period. HOSA faculty rep is Ms. Glass, and they meet in the Lecture Hall. Here, Karl is helping Shreyas lead their weekly meeting. Let’s hope he won’t be the next experiment!
Detention Karl took a wrong turn into the treacherous dungeons of detention, where he met Mr. Pate in room 245.
Peer Helpers Karl scurried over to Mrs. Booth's room, where he relaxed a bit with the Peer Helpers.
Computer Science Club Karl codes <hello world> to the Computer Science Club with Ms. Morton’s help in Room 209.