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A Letter to Incoming Freshman from Outgoing Seniors

Written by senior journalism student, Kiana Merrell

There are so many key components to having an amazing and memorable high school experience. Although embarking on a new journey can be fun and exciting, everyone has worries on the first day of school or even the very last. I asked NCTHS freshmen, seniors, and teachers for what they were most afraid of and most excited about for this school year.

Freshman Q & A

Q: What made you want to apply here?
A: “it started with moving in with family and I already have an older sister that goes here” ~ Jorja Rascoe
A: “I could see myself succeeding more here” ~ Caleb New

Q: How did you pick your strand?
A: “I want to be an engineer when I grow up.” ~ Imani Alamin
A: “I’ve always wanted to be a nurse so I really like the classes in my strand” ~ Karla Martinez

Q: What are your future career goals?
A: “Originally want music but computer science is my next go to choice.” ~ Jorja Rascoe
A: “Strand Completion and to be an NR nurse.” ~ Karla Martinez

Q: What are you most nervous about for the next four years? Now?
A: “Passing and keeping the same friends; people. I came from a small school” ~ Jorja Rascoe
A: “Getting good grades and getting into colleges” ~ Imani Alamin
A: “Midterms and getting good grades the first year.” ~ Caleb New
A: “Not so much people but more so nervous about it getting hard once I take AP next year” ~ Lakeisha Hardy

Senior Q & A

Q: What made you want to apply here?
A: “Well, I knew it was connected to Lee so I figured I could combine both of my passions” ~ Alex Troupe(Engineer)
A: “The small classes” ~ James Thorton

Q: How did you pick your strand? Did you switch throughout the years?
A: I took robotics in middle school and didn’t like it so I just used process of elimination and it worked to my advantage because I’ve never switched” ~ Loyal Greene
A: “ I picked the one that seemed most suited to my interest, I haven’t switched.” ~ Alex Troupe

Q: What were you nervous about when you were a freshman? Did it happen?
A: “Everything. Nothing workwise but mostly self-conscious. Thankfully I grew out of that phase” ~ Justin Pittman
A: “How I would progress through high school and how difficult it could possibly get. It did get harder slightly but nothing I couldn’t handle” ~ Boadicea Holman

Q: What is one thing you would tell your freshman self? One thing you’d tell an incoming freshman?
A: “Be more open to new ideas. Be yourself, have fun and stay on top of your grades.” ~ Kiara Langford
A: “STOP PRCRASTINANTING. Do the best that you can without looking down upon yourself. We are all human” ~ Boadicea Holman
A: “I would definitely tell myself to just be myself and not expect too much.” ~ Alex Troupe
A: “Ask the future love of your life out. To get the most out of life, learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow.” ~ Justin Pittman
A: “Not to be scared and try harder than you did freshman year. Do all your work and homework.” ~ James Thorton

Teacher’s Corner

I asked some of your favorite strand teachers what advice they had for the seniors taking that first step into life! This is what they had to say…

Ms. Reed- “Don’t do what other people tell you to, figure out what you want and get what you want. Figure out who you are, make your own decisions and realize that some decisions take time.”

Mr. Thorton- “If you fail it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. You’re only a failure if you don’t get back up.”

Mr. Baker- “Enjoy your life and don’t be lazy.”

Ms. Hampton- “Be proactive.”