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Looking Forward 11/28/21


  • The Debate Team competed in the Hoover Classic Speech and Debate Tournament. Jane Brennan won 1st place in Humorous Interpretation and 2nd place in Program Oral Interpretation. Jerimiah McDow won second in Humorous interpretation. Ella Duus won first place in Extemporaneous Speaking.
  • Congratulations to all the New Century swimmers – especially those who qualified to compete in the state swim meet: Gatlin Bryant (Lee HS), Juan “JP” Pace (Huntsville HS), and Walden Wilder (Huntsville HS).  Good luck! 

HVA Registration for Spring Semester

Huntsville Virtual Academy registration is open now through December 3rd  for students who want to complete their courses online for second semester.  Students must maintain a 70 average or higher in their classes to participate in Huntsville Virtual Academy.  This is a full semester commitment.  Magnet students are required to participate in their magnet classes live during the regularly scheduled class time.  The district does not offer the option of switching back and forth between in-person and virtual learning throughout the semester, so families are encouraged to make the best decision before the registration deadline. 

After School Tutoring

New Century is offering a free after school tutoring program. Students are encouraged to attend these after school tutoring sessions to catch up on homework, receive help with an applicable subject, or they can use this time to study for any of their classes.  If you have any questions about the after school tutoring program, please contact Mr. Mercieca.

First Semester High School Exam Schedule 2021-2022 

Please note that we will have four half days at the end of the semester.  Exams will be given on the last two days. 

Date Time Traditional Block
Tues, 12/14 8:30 am-10:20 am 1st period class
  10:30 am-12:20 pm 2nd period class
Wed, 12/15 8:30 am-10:20 am 3rd period class
  10:30 am-12:20 pm 4th period class
Thurs, 12/16 8:30 am-10:20 am 1st period exam
  10:30 am-12:20 pm 2nd period exam
Fri, 12/17 8:30 am-10:20 am 3rd period exam
  10:30 am-12:20 pm 4th period exam


Order Your Yearbook!

2021-2022 yearbooks are now for sale on the Balfour website. They cost $45 through December 1, after which the price will increase to $50.


COVID Precautions

Masking is required inside all Huntsville City Schools buildings.  Please monitor yourself and your family members for the following symptoms: fever, cough, body aches, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, or sudden loss of taste or smell. Anyone who develops one or more of these symptoms should contact their doctor or nearest urgent care for guidance. If a member of your household  tests positive for COVID, please notify the school nurse immediately.  If a student is unable to attend class due to COVID concerns (such as exhibiting COVID symptoms or being excluded), please email Ms. Lightfoot to let her know so attendance can be marked appropriately.  All classwork will be posted in Schoology so students can keep up with their schoolwork.  

Tip of the Week

As a rule of thumb, if you feel like you’re not any closer to figuring out a question after about 30 seconds, move on. Circle that question so that it’s easier to spot later on when you want to go back to it. Then, make a quick pass through the whole section and answer all of the easy questions first so you don’t miss points by running out of time before you're able to get through everything.