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Looking Forward 8/17/20

Can you believe the first day of school is finally here? I am excited to get the show started!  Please be patient especially during the first week as we all try to learn the ropes with Schoology and remote/virtual learning.  Instruction will be live on Monday and Tuesday mornings and teachers will post the rest of the week’s schedule on Schoology. All live lessons will be recorded and posted for any student who is not able to participate during the scheduled time.  Please see my welcome letter posted on the school website.  Mr. Sims and a few of our teachers have prepared a Quick Start Guide for students as they learn to use Schoology and participate in online classes.  See the attached Student Quick Reference. We will focus this week on finalizing classes and making sure everyone has access to the online materials. 

For technology issues, please contact our School System Technician, Amy Clark. or the helpdesk. For INow login information please contact . We look forward to a great year!

Student Schedules

I have not been able to keep up with the massive influx of emails over the last ten days.  I continue to read and respond to emails as quickly as I can.  Thank you again for your patience. We always have to resolve schedule issues during the first week of school so please do not panic if you are still missing a class. I will continue to work on them until all issues are resolved. Many thanks to Mrs. Nancy Wolfe, District College and Career Counselor, for helping me with the schedules.

All students must have a full schedule with eight classes and no aides are allowed as we try to minimize the number of people present in each room.

Schoology updates each evening so any schedule changes made during the day will not be reflected on Schoology until that night.  Any change made after 6:00 p.m. will not be reflected until the next night’s update. 

Internet Access

Governor Ivey has approved a new program called Alabama Broadband Connectivity (ABC) for students. This program will provide vouchers for families of students currently eligible for free and reduced price school meals or other income based criteria. The vouchers will help cover equipment and service costs for high-speed internet service from the fall through December 31, 2020. Please share with your students.  Learn more.

If you do not have reliable internet access available, please let your teachers know so we can develop a plan to ensure your student is able to get all lessons and assignments in a timely manner.

Requesting Books

If you are interested in requesting textbooks or library books during our remote learning period, please complete the form.

Calhoun EMT Program

Calhoun has seats available in the EMT program for Seniors who are interested. Please check their website or contact them for more information.

Contact Information:



Email Address

Sheila Roby


Chris Sims     

Assistant Principal

Torre Hanvey

Administrative Assistant/ Bookkeeper

Sharon McGehee

Registrar/Student Data Generalist

Belinda Lightfoot

Attendance/Main Office




Email is always the best way to reach us, but the main office number is 256-428-7800 in case you ever need to call. 

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Yard Signs

PTSA is handing out Welcome Back yard signs to all New Century Families. We hope you have your sign displayed loudly and proudly.