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Huntsville City Schools’ Only Full Magnet High School Specializing in Advanced Studies in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. New Century Technology High School is unique in its ability to offer students advanced level core classes coordinated with specialized courses in highly technical fields. Each student accepted into New Century chooses a strand for concentrated studies. These strands include Biomedical Science, Engineering, or Computer Science. Students complete two courses in the selected strand each year to graduate as a strand completer with extensive knowledge and experience in their chosen field. Students also have the opportunity to connect with industry leaders through mentoring, internships and job shadowing opportunities

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Requirements to Apply

  1. Interested students from throughout the Huntsville City School system may submit an application for a choice of up to two magnet programs and/or schools.
  2. A central application for all magnet programs can be accessed and submitted online during a designated application window time period.
  3. Students may apply for the next academic year in the fall of the current year.
  4. Selection criteria related to the magnet theme will be used to select new students. A committee will review holistically the data and information about each new applicant in grades nine through twelve
  5. Grade Average in Core Classes of 80%
  6. Written Essay Response
Strand Click Photo for More Info
Biomedical Science
Computer Science