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NCTHS Poetry Outloud Advances to Nationals

Monday, February 22, 2016

Raina Verser (10) qualifies.

Congratulations to the New Century Technology High School students who competed in the Alabama State Poetry Out Loud completion on February 15, 2016. All three NCTHS representatives placed in their respective competitions.

Poetry Outloud is a poetry competition divided into two categories, Original Poetry and Anthology. In both categories, students are judged in areas such as “physical presence,” “dramatic appropriateness,” “evidence of understanding,” “voice and articulation,” and, of course, accuracy. In addition, as part of the Original Poetry Writing and Recitation category, students must write, memorize, and recite two of their own poems. Anthology Recitation competitors must select three
poems from the Poetry Out Loud Ethology, one of which must be pretwentieth
century, one twenty-five lines or fewer, and one of any type. These three poems are memorized and recited.

 Success in all these areas takes a real ability to analyze poetry, poised and confident public speaking skills, and countless hours of coaching and practice. For our students to make such a showing at the state level says much about them and their hard work.

 In the Original Poetry Writing and Recitation competition, which culminates at the state level, Kaitlyn McClung, a senior, won 2nd place, and Mekiah Hall, a junior, won 3rd place/Honorable Mention. 

In the Anthology Recitation competition, Raina Verser, an NCTHS sophomore, soared to 1st place, and as the state champion will represent not only our school, but our state in the National Poetry Out Loud competition in Washington, DC in May of this year.