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New Century Students Abroad: Barcelona and Madrid

New Century students did a study abroad program this summer in Spain. The first stop was in Barcelona. Students got the opportunity to walk around the city and see Spanish life firsthand. One popular activity was shopping in Barcelona's famous outdoor market, La Boqueria. The market offers a variety of food, drinks, and treats.  Students were able to browse and sample a variety of Spanish foods. They also had the chance to practice speaking Spanish with natives as they discussed their purchases. 

In Madrid, students visited the Royal Palace, the official residence of the King and Queen of Spain. They got to see famous paintings, opulent chandeliers, and other royal artifacts. Students took a daytrip to Toledo (a very historic city that has been around since Roman times) and got to see metal being prepared to be forged into a sword. Overall, students learned a lot on the trip and were able to experience Spanish culture for themselves!