12-03-20 Updates Regarding Cybersecurity Threat

The district has released additional information regarding the cybersecurity threat, which includes the current plan for students, staff, and faculty to return to schools and offices.  Please use the more information button below to access the updated information.

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No Place For Hate

ADL’s No Place for Hate® initiative provides schools and communities with an organizing framework for combating bias, bullying and hatred, leading to long-term solutions for creating and maintaining a positive climate. No Place for Hate schools receive their designation by:

  - Building inclusive and safe communities in which respect is the goal, and all students can thrive.
  - Empowering students, faculty, administration and family members to take a stand against hate and bullying by incorporating new and existing programs under one powerful message.
  - Engaging schools and communities in at least three anti-bias activities per year, which ADL helps  to develop.
  - Sending a clear, unified message that all students have a place to belong.


Nancy Wolfe, School Counselor

How to Join / Membership Requirements: 
There are no membership requirements.

To join, just come to the meetings on Tuesdays during the 2nd half of Power Hour in Room 240.
Other Info: 
We meet the second half of Power Hour every Friday unless otherwise announced. Join the No Place For Hate Edmodo Group: qip9as

Link to National Organization: