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The Power of an Hour Part 2

Written by Danielle Pereira, Junior Journalism Student

With every new school year comes new opportunities. Here at New Century, we have a lot of chances for students to be more active within the school through Power Hour. Power Hour has been a part of New Century’s curriculum since the 2016-17 school year and is now available to all high schools. Power Hour is an excellent way for students to do their homework, get academic assistance, and participate in clubs and/or activities. There are many activities for students to participate in from ACT Prep to CrossFit.

Studies have shown that when students participate in an activity or club, they perform better academically. New Century strongly encourages students to get involved in at least one activity. I had the chance to observe the Painting club and speak with the sponsor, Ms. Cotton, about what exactly is involved with this activity. She said, “Painting Club is an outlet for students seeking to express themselves through positive artwork or drawings. All grade level students are invited to participate in the club. We meet every Wednesday, the first half of Power Hour, and each student can utilize an artistic outlet while participating in an activity they enjoy.” I also got to speak with Jadyn P. about how the club has impacted her. She said, “Painting is a good stress reliver, and I like going and being around people who like art.”

Members of the painting club include Jadyn P., Elizabeth K., Laurel K. and Emily M.