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Road to Roby

written by senior journalism student, Emily Pope 

Ms. Roby came to New Century Technology High School in the 2015-2016 academic school year and embraced the school with open arms. She immediately made the school a family-like environment with her presence and changed the school for the better. She pushes her students to do their absolute best and live up to their full potential. The love she has for her students (the love the students have for her) is part of the reason that the school keeps thriving.

A girl and boy from each grade were asked to describe Ms. Roby in one word, and each word given was positive and from the heart. The two freshman described her as kind and passionate. The two sophomores described her as persistent and organized. The two juniors described her as wonderful and welcoming. The two seniors described her as life-changing and innovative. All the words given describe Ms. Roby not only as a principal, but as a person as well. Ms. Roby says that she thinks of her students as focused and determined.

She thinks that the school stands out from others in the district, as NCTHS is very hard-working. Her one word to describe the school is “active”; everyone is included in something (strands, clubs, etc.). New Century couldn’t have a better principal, and she is appreciated for how she treats everyone in the school as family, supports the students and faculty in all that they do, and makes sure that the school is a safe learning environment for everyone in it.

New Century Technology High School wouldn’t be the same without our principal, Ms. Roby!