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Robotic Rubik’s Solver

By: Michael Fuell, Senior Journalism Student

Grant Stephens, a Graduating senior of the class of 2017 from NCTHS created a robot that can actually solve a Rubik’s Cube. Grant had previously created a computer only version of this robot’s software that would accept the cube’s current setup, and print a solution. After some modification, the cube will now be solved without human interaction between the solution and the cube itself. A person must enter in the color combinations on the surface of the cube, but beyond that, the robot is independent.  

Grant programmed this robot in C++ and used Arduino units to control the logic for the robot, and it is created from Vex Robotics Equipment. This was no easy task, but it was well worth the effort. There were many setbacks that took reevaluation and more thinking, but the finished product came through successfully. This project took up 3 whole weeks to build and to adjust the program for the robot. It took over 6,000 lines of code to program this masterpiece. 

Grant took the original code to the Alabama Career and Technical Education fair(ACTE) in 2016 and won 2nd place at the state level, and took the robot to ACTE in 2017 and won 1st place at the regional level.