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Senior Spotlight: David Acosta

written by Zadie Boyd
published on 4/18/22

David Acosta is a senior in the engineering strand at New Century. He is passionate about making 3-D models of planes and has been for about a year now. He likes designing cars and helping other people make things as well. The freedom to build whatever he wants is the most enjoyable part. Sometimes he’ll print out his design on a 3-D printer, it can be difficult because the do always go to plan.

His dad was a helicopter pilot and inspired David’s interest in planes and the historical side to them. His favorite design was of a fighter jet, the Mikoyan MiG-29. Government planes are easier to make models of with all the documentation of them. He says that designing the planes is mostly simple, there’s just a whole lot of it. He was introduced to CAD through YouTube videos, and it stuck.

David is a leader when it comes to JROTC. He’s been apart of the program for 4 years and manages the arms room inventory as the Battalion Information and Security officer. It’s a good class to prepare students for the real world. David enjoys the people and being able to spend time with his friends.

After graduating David plans to attend UAH for mechanical engineering. He hopes to become a defense contractor or work with companies like Lockheed Martin. His advice to under classmen: Try new things, you’ll make mistakes, just don’t take things too seriously.