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SGA Elections

Hello New Century Students!

Meet your 2020-2021 SGA Student Body Representative Candidates:


  • Isabel Waring

Vice President:

  • Amel Jackson 
  • Madeline Vagnuolo


  • Amaya Pryer
  • Weilan Zhang


  • Kieran Moise
  • Emily Moody
  • Jorden Bailey
  • Ethan Smith 
You can learn more about all of the candidates by following @ncths.sga on Instagram. Voting will take place on Tuesday, September 8th from 8:30 am to 11:59 pm. Let your voice be heard and VOTE NOW using our online ballot!
Follow these steps to vote:
  1. Log into your school email by visiting Outlook.
    1. Log in:
      1. Username:
      2. Password: the password to your school laptop
  2. Search for an email from Chris Phornroekngam. This email will contain the following:
    1. These instructions
    2. Your unique password
    3. Your username (your last name)
    4. The link to the voting site
  3. Visit the voting stie. Log in using your unique username and password. Select "Proceed to Ballot" to start voting.
  4. Vote for your choice of candidates by selecting the checkbox next to their name!
    1. Remember: you have to vote for all the available positions. 
    2. Under the name of the position, there will be a description of the duties that the candidate will have to fulfill. 
    3. Next to their names will be a biography. Read that before you vote. 
  5. Submitting your ballot:
    1. After you are done voting click "Preview Ballot", and if you are done, click "Cast Your Ballot". Then click "Log out".
  6. Please make sure to confirm your submission so that all votes are counted. To ensure that your vote was officially cast, attempt to log back in. If it was successfully cast. , a screen will appear saying "Ballot Already Cast". If not, repeat steps 3-5 until you do. 
  7. Thank you for voting!

Thank you and good luck,

The New Century Student Government Association.