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Staff Spotlight: Crossing Guard, Ms. Carl

written by Caroline Reed

So many talented adults work behind-the-scenes on our campus to make magic happen. Our students are stellar, and they enter our school with ambition. However, the adults do the daily work of creating and providing a safe space for their minds to grow. Today's Staff Spotlight is shining brightly on our couragous crossing guard, Mrs. Beverly Carl, who was nominated by a student! 

Mrs. Beverly's work involves directing the traffic at gate 4. She helps keep the vehicles moving in and out of the school, as well as crossing students when needed. Her loyalty spans 16 years, but she has been a crossing guard for a total of 19 years. Learn more with our interview:

  1. Since your job requires you to work outside, how do you prepare for extreme weather conditions? We represent the police department, so we have to wear a uniform but also have rain gear (coat, pants and hat) for inclement weather, then later in the year, when it is cold outside we have a heavy coat, winter hat and thicker gloves to stay warm. I also have hand warmers when needed.
  2. What is the most unique vehicle you've seen while doing your job? Two years ago Nick Sabin came to New Century Technology / Lee High School during recruitment and I got to see him as he left the school grounds.
  3. What else does your workday consist of? I work a split-shift, meaning I direct traffic in the mornings as the students arrive until 8:30am, then return in the afternoon when school gets out until 4:10pm. My traffic consists of student and parent vehicles, as well as any busses using gate 4.
  4. How often do people wave or thank you for your job? Many of the students and parents I see during my shifts wave at, or speak to me every day. I enjoy seeing everyone- Not to forget the teachers and staff as well! (It makes my day to see everyone)
  5. As a crossing guard, have you ever had an urgent situation that risked your safety? There are of course things that happen day to day, with a few minor instances here and there but nothing anything life threating has ever occurred to me.
  6. What is something about you that may surprise us? We are originally from Nebraska, but moved here 37 years ago when my husband was in the military.  Our daughter went, and graduated from the old Lee High School which was one of the reasons I took the position here. I walked in the Liz Hurley 5K Ribbon Run 3 years in a row, until Covid
  7. What do you like to do for fun outside of work? I love to quilt and shop for fabric in different states. I’m in a quilt guild and sometimes go on quilt retreats.  I make quilts for family, friends and charity. Sometimes I go fishing with my husband. We love to travel and have been to 21 different states. I usually drive when we go on trips. We help our daughter and her husband with their garden and often watch/play with their dogs when they are away.

Next time you drive down Quietdale Dr, give Mrs. Carl a friendly wave!