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Student Spotlight: Walden Wilder

written by Zadie Boyd
published on 4/27/22

Walden Wilder is a junior at New Century in the engineering strand. She loves to swim, paint, bake, and spend time outdoors. As a competitive swimmer for Huntsville High school, Walden and her team have become state champions for two years in a row. She has also made finals twice this year. She’s been swimming since she was 8 years old and can’t remember life without it. Whenever you can’t find Walden, she’s probably in the water. As for beyond high school, she hopes to continue swimming in college although she’s not sure where.

Along with swimming, Walden paints. Her most recent painting was of a picture taken flying home from Atlanta. There was a batik watercolor painting on rice paper that she really enjoyed making. “I’ve been painting, drawing, and doing random crafts since I was little. I’ve just always liked art,” says Walden. Art skills come in handy when sketching and designing a certain project, making it easier to visualize an idea accurately on paper.

Walden’s favorite part about the engineering strand is that it envelops designing and building, both of which she enjoys. Walden strongly advocates for environmental awareness and policy reformation regarding those issues. Engineering is undeniably producing solutions directly related to the matter. She gained her interest from programs like Destination Imagination and Future City.

As for next year, Walden plans to keep swimming and continue maintaining her grades. Her advice for underclassmen and younger students: “Try to stay flexible and as adaptable as possible, it’ll make things a lot easier.” We’re excited to see what comes next from one of our New Century students.