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Vacaciones de Primavera

written by Deandra Walden, journalism student
published on May 16, 2019

For this year’s spring break, some of New century’s students went on a trip to Spain. Our Spanish teacher, Mrs. Cordelea Haecker, organized this trip for our students. These students got to experience and see many new things in a new country. While there, they studied the culture, language, and new surroundings. Most of the students described the experience as being “once in a lifetime.”

There were eight students that went on the trip. Two were seniors, two were juniors, two were sophomores, and the last two were freshmen. They went to Spain to practice speaking Spanish and get a real-life experience with the locals and Spanish culture. During the trip they ordered all their food and any other items they bought in Spanish.  They spoke to the locals during these transactions and gained a sense of belonging. The Spanish field trip showed these students what the world outside of the United States looks like.  

“The trip to Spain was simply amazing. It was incredible to be submersed in a different culture and be pushed out of my comfort zone while exploring a new country and going to beautiful places,” says Khory Calenberg. Tyler Morgan was also quoted saying, “going to Spain was so surreal! I still feel like it didn’t even happen, but at least I have the photos to prove it!”