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Work Hard, Play Harder

written by journalism student, Edward Arreola
published on April 26, 2019

New Century Technology High School is a profound institute that focuses on creating high quality learning for our students. The student body takes pride in their integrity and education. While these ambitious students work hard in the classroom, they also put their determination on the field. Many of our students at NCTHS partake in athletic teams for high schools all around Huntsville. Mae Jemison, Grissom, Columbia, Huntsville and Lee all have students from NCTHS that play all kinds of sports.


One of our exceptional students, Ann-Lawrence Hampton, is a senior in the engineering strand. She had recently been awarded a scholarship to the University of Alabama in Huntsville due to her outstanding performance in track and field. During her grade school career, she was on the Huntsville High School track and field team for five years. Hampton handles her responsibilities by getting the needed amount of sleep at night. She says, “sleep is key.” She puts forth her best effort when she has her best energy. Not only is she a model student for our upcoming seniors, she is one of our top students attending NCTHS.


While our students sacrifice their time for sports, they also excel in numerous AP classes. Some student athletes also have part-time jobs. They prioritize every hour of the day to balance their schedules in order to accomplish what makes them happy.