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Hours of Operation

Providence Elementary School

We have staff in place whose primary job is to make sure your children are safe during transitions throughout the school day.  This includes a crossing guard and Mr. Lewis our security officer.   To insure ongoing supervision, it is important that the following procedures are followed:

1. Students cannot be dropped off before 7:30 a.m. Teachers do not start their day until 7:45. We have staff here at 7:30 to monitor students, but not before. Children left before 7:30 are unsupervised.

2.    All Pre-K students can begin to arrive at 7:45 a.m.

3.    All Pre-K families must park in the front of the building to drop off and receive their children.  If Pre-K families have a child in the elementary program at Providence, they may drop off and pick up their children in the Pre-K hall.  All cars will be directed to exit to through the back parking lot.

4. All kindergarten through fifth grade car riders must be dropped off and picked up in the back. Do not pass as we move cars through. All should enter and exit at the intersection of Old Monrovia and Hunting Trail.

5. We cannot honor walk-ups. Parents have to receive their children from the car rider line.

6. Walkers exit with staff to the front and are escorted at the crosswalk.

7. Only Children living in the adjacent neighborhoods can be walkers.

8. Buses arrive and exit at the North side of the building.

9. Our goal is to complete dismissal by 2:50. Please follow the directives of staff to get your child and move off of the campus at Old Monrovia. Things will go smoothly if you follow the traffic patterns.