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Providence Spelling Bee

During the first half of the school year Providence students worked through a progression of Spelling challenges and competitions.  In September, students were given a list of approx. 250 words to study, decode and memorize. Throughout the months of October and November, students had the opportunity to apply their studies to solve a "Word of The Week " challenge which was conducted over the morning announcements each day. This challenge called for students to use dictionary, syllabication and close reading skills to "guess" the word of the week. Students who chose and spelled  the correct word were rewarded each week.

At the end of October, every class conducted a Classroom Spelling Bee. 1st &2nd grade classroom winners competed in a grade level competition to choose the top speller for 1st grade and the top speller for 2nd Grade. the 1st grade winner was William Taylor and 2nd grade winner was Kennedy Cash.  3rd through 5th grade classroom winners participated in 4 weeks of before and/or afterschool spelling coaching sessions to prepare them for the schoolwide Spelling Bee Competition on December 9, 2019.

Of the 18 Participating students, there could only be one winner. Anaiya Toney, a 5th grade student was top contender after 12 intense rounds of spelling.  On December 13th, all Spelling Bee participants were rewarded with a movie, certificates, and a pizza party.  

Anaiya will compete against students representing each HCS in the local district Spelling Bee on February 4, 2020 at AAA.