12-02-20 Updates Regarding Cybersecurity Threat

The district has released additional information regarding the cybersecurity threat, which includes the current plan for students, staff, and faculty to return to schools and offices.  Please use the more information button below to access the updated information.

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Horticulture Club

Students learn about plant and animal life cycles and habitats. They study patterns in nature, seasonal changes, and environmental stewardship. The students will help plant and harvest a variety of vegetables in seasonal garden beds. The life cycle of insects will be explored and the role they play in plant life. Students will help in the on-going development of Ridgecrest’s Outdoor Classroom, applying mathematics and science concepts as they monitor the temperature of the air, water, and ground.

How to Join / Membership Requirements: 
There are no joining or membership requirements.
Other Info: 
Cost: N/A

Phone: 256-428-7380 Location: Ridgecrest Elementary School

2016-17 Session: Last Friday of each month