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Hannah Gaddis Lyons

I grew up around Huntsville but when I was in my early twenties, my family and I moved to Virginia. I lived there for 10 years. While in Virginia, I completed my MA degree at Old Dominion University, fell in love and married the man of my dreams and had two kids. Whew! We just moved back to Huntsville where we plan to plant some roots and involve ourselves in the community. We feel so blessed to be part of a beautiful, growing city and be around friends and family! For fun, I love going on family outings -the zoo, aquarium, park, getting ice cream, etc -watching movies with popcorn or attending church activities/functions. We are so happy to be Huntsvillians and call Rocket City our home!
MA Elementary Education PreK-6 Old Dominion University
BS Elementary Education PreK-6 Old Dominion University
Class A K-6 Elementary Education
Class A P-3 Early Childhood Education
Sonnie Hereford Elementary -1st Grade Teacher
Mount Vernon Elementary Yorktown, VA -Kindergarten Teacher