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Hannah Gaddis Lyons

I grew up around Huntsville but when I was in my early twenties, my family and I moved to Virginia. I lived there for 11 years. While in Virginia, I completed my MA degree at Old Dominion University, fell in love and married the man of my dreams and had two kids. Whew! We moved back to Huntsville 2 years ago and we've planted some roots and are involved in the community. We feel so blessed to be part of a beautiful, growing city and to be around friends and family. For fun, I love going on family outings to the zoo, aquarium, and park, getting ice cream and watching movies with popcorn or attending church activities/functions. We are so happy to be Huntsvillians and to call the Rocket City our home!
MA Elementary Education PreK-6 Old Dominion University
BS Elementary Education PreK-6 Old Dominion University
Class A K-6 Elementary Education
Class A P-3 Early Childhood Education
Sonnie Hereford Elementary -1st Grade Teacher
Mount Vernon Elementary Yorktown, VA -Kindergarten Teacher