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Student Service Project Helps Local Residents

Students from Grissom High School's AP Human Geography class recently started a community garden for local residents. The garden will provide fresh fruits and vegetables for the Clarkston Square Senior Community.

Grissom ninth-grader Alex Stofer said it has been awesome to see how enthusiastic the community was about the project, stating that they "were all very excited because they don’t have space in their apartments to grow their own garden."

The class discussed a lot of different topics for their final project, but wanted to focus on the idea of food insecurity because they discovered that many people lack the access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Grissom teacher Christopher Brinkley said, "As part of a service learning project, we decided that we wanted to do something to offset some of that food insecurity in our community."  The students, in partnership with local businesses, picked which seeds to plant as well as kept up with the maintenance of the garden.

According to the World Health Organization, fruits and vegetables are very important components of a healthy diet.  The organization estimates that nearly four million deaths worldwide can be attributed to inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption, pointing out that the foods are rich in vitamins and minerals important for the human body.  According to Alex Stofer, "A lot of the food that is affordable is not good for you and it really effects how you feel throughout the day, so we’re trying to provide healthy food [and] easy access for people that need it."

The students presented the garden to the residents from Clarkston Square and talked with the seniors about what plants were available to them. Each class member has been assigned a day over the summer to check on the garden and deliver the produce when its ready.

“I really hope that we can keep maintaining this garden and let future classes work on it to let it become bigger, because I think this can help bring our community closer together,” said ninth-grade student Ashley Lin.