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Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Becky May

Congratulations to Ms. Becky May of Whitesburg P-8, selected as this week’s Teacher Spotlight!

Ms. Becky May has been teaching at Whitesburg P-8 for over three years, and has been teaching Social Studies in Alabama for nine.  She has two children who are currently attending Whitesburg P-8, so she often gets to be both parent and teacher while at work.  Ms. May is the head of National Junior Honor Society at Whitesburg P-8, is organizing this year's Veteran's Day program, and works with the HCS new teacher mentor program to help acclimatize new teachers.  She became a teacher, in part, to help students become good, happy citizens.  She also places great importance on being a good global citizen, and says that "technology has made the world small, so it's very important to understand different cultures."  When she isn't working with students, Ms. May enjoys travelling and singing - though she says that the singing mostly just happens in the car.

"Ms. May is one of those teachers that just goes the extra mile for her students," says Whitesburg P-8 Principal Dr. Bradley Scott.  She likes to shake things up in her classroom to keep the students engaged, so the students are often moving around the room, using music, computers, or taking part in timed activities.  Sam Dollarhide, one of Ms. May's 7th grade students, says "she makes the simplest things fun."  Mr. William King, one of the assistant principals at the school, says that she "is very well-prepared" and she also uses a variety of strategies to reach students who learn differently in class.  According to Caroline Waller, another of Ms. May's students, "she gets us really involved, and it's really interesting in her classes."

It seems clear that Ms. May's class is one where students feel welcomed and appreciated, but also where they have a great time learning.  The common denominator among her students seems the most telling: "she's a really nice teacher."

Each week, ETV will showcase an outstanding Huntsville City Schools educator as a feature in the “Teacher Spotlight." Highlighted recipients receive gifts from SchoolCraft.