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Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Delicia Potter

Congratulations to Ms. Delicia Potter of Challenger Middle School, selected as this week’s Teacher Spotlight recipient!

Ms. Potter says that she has wanted to be an educator since she was very young, when she was influenced by several very talented teachers.  She always noticed how some teachers had a way with words and managed to turn the mundane and ordinary into something extraordinary.  Despite early influences, Ms. Potter followed her peers into studying medicine and bio chemistry in college.  It wasn’t until her senior year that she realized she was about to miss out on her calling to be a teacher, and after some ‘soul searching’ she decided to pursue her career as an English teacher.

When she isn’t teaching, however, Ms. Potter enjoys spending time at the park or having family movie night with her husband and three young children.  She says that her children’s inquisitive nature has brought out even more of the teacher in her, and she loves every minute she gets with them.

“She’s one of those rare people,” says Challenger Middle Principal Dianne Hasty, “she’s always got a smile, is very energetic, and does an incredible job at establishing relationships with her students.”  Many of those students commented about the positive environment Ms. Potter provides because of her relationship-building efforts.  Jenny, one such student, says that “if anybody is going through a hard time, we know that Ms. Potter’s door is always open.”  Blake Moon, another student, adds that “she’s out to help kids.”  Ms. Potter says that she wants her students to be better than those who came before them and wants them to always be “speakers of truth.”

The truth is, Ms. Potter is having a profoundly positive impact on her students every day.

Each week, ETV will showcase an outstanding Huntsville City Schools educator as a feature in the “Teacher Spotlight." Highlighted recipients receive gifts from SchoolCraft.