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Information about Huntsville City Schools' Child Nutrition Program

Please use the pre-pay lunch account plan that permits parents to pay for weeks or months at a time. Find out more

  • When children forget lunch money or run out of money in their accounts, they are allowed to charge lunch with repayment the next day. No more than two charges are allowed before repayment is made.
  • Forgotten lunches may be left on the “I Forgot My Lunch” shelves just inside the cafeteria door to minimize interruption of instruction.
  • For safety, please do not send carbonated beverages or beverages in glass bottles. 
  • We welcome you to come to school for lunch beginning Monday, August 15, 2016. It is very important for the school to establish procedures the first two weeks of school. Resource teachers will be helping students in the cafeteria. After signing in at the office, please meet your child in the lunchroom. 
  • Our system’s cafeteria management states that outside meals from fast food establishments cannot be served in the lunchroom area. Federal guidelines govern our school lunch program.  These guidelines require us to have a doctor’s statement on file annually for children who must substitute juice for milk or other special dietary/allergy accommodations. Please report any food allergies to the school nurse and cafeteria manager
Menus for Breakfast and Lunch
2016-2017 Meal Prices Breakfast Lunch
Student Free $ 2.25
Faculty & Staff $ 2.00 $ 3.25
Visitors $ 2.50 $ 4.00