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Mission and Vision

Quick Facts

  • ​Opened: 1963
  • Mascot: Roadrunner
  • Colors: Burgundy & White
  • Grades: PK-5
  • Avg. Enrollment: 500+
  • Blue Ribbon Beacon School of Excellence, 2015
  • Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School of Excellence, 2016


Weatherly Heights Elementary strives to produce well-rounded students who have mastered all elementary standards giving every student the chance to be proficient and prepared for a rigorous middle school curriculum while formulating the technology skills needed to achieve excellence during their primary development.


Weatherly Heights Elementary strives to provide instruction which is:

  • Actively engaging for all students all day, every day
  • Data driven and differentiated/specific for all learners
  • Technology enriched with purposeful engaging activities

Encourages/Expects teachers to:

  •  Be positive and motivated while focusing on the urgency in student learning
  •  Use each other as resources for productive collaboration

Encourages/Expects students to:

  •  Be motivated to achieve at their highest level
  • Take ownership of learning and performance

Encourages/Expects parents to:

  •  Be an active participant in their child’s education                                                   

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little something extra. 
We are Weatherly Heights Elementary, and WE GO THE EXTRA MILE!