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Voyager School Application 2019-2020

Huntsville City Schools is proud to offer a virtual school experience for students in grades 9 - 12. Students may choose to continue in the traditional school program or consider a virtual school program. The virtual school curriculum features courses in mathematics, science, language arts, world languages, social studies, as well as electives. In collaboration with the school counselor, virtual school students will have the opportunity to select a virtual pathway to meet his/her learning goals. Students desiring a virtual, non-traditional learning environment who are self-motivated with strong reading and writing skills and are willing to learn independently are encouraged to apply. 


Students who meet the criteria and have discussed these options with their parent or guardian, should complete the application below. Once the application has been received, the virtual learning staff will evaluate the student’s eligibility and notify the Parent/Guardian of acceptance or denial no later than one week after the application window closes. A time will then be scheduled with the student/parent(s)/or guardian for an initial success meeting.

Enrollment Dates

The Spring enrollment period for the Virtual Schools is open for second semester from November 4 to December 4, 2019.

    Students should be aware that success in an online environment is much different in a face-to-face environment and requires dedication and support. Here are a few qualities that will help students achieve greater success:

    • Appropriate time-management skills
    • Self-motivation
    • Able to learn independently
    • Strong reading and writing skills
    • Communication skills
    • Technical skills

    *Magnet and IB students may not participate in the full virtual program due to specific program requirements. Please see individual Magnet and IB schools for more details. 

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