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Welcome to the Huntsville City Schools Extended Learning Department!


Huntsville City Schools is proud to be partnering with Appleton Learning to deliver a fresh new approach to Extended Learning. Huntsville City Schools’ Afterschool Labs offers students access to free and guided play, hands-on STEAM activities, assistance with homework and studying, tutoring, and popular extracurricular activities. 



Standard: 2 pm (Pre-K dismissal) – 5:45 pm                  $35/week

On-Call: daily; 2 pm (Pre-K dismissal) – 5:45 pm             $10/day



Parents will be provided with a weekly schedule of which hands-on modules will be covered on which days. The following modules will be covered this Spring: Space Science, Energy Science, Film Studies, Computer Programming, Design and Creativity. The daily schedule will be:

·         30 Minutes: snack and restroom break

·         30 Minutes: Free/guided play – playground preferred unless there is inclement weather

·         75 Minutes: homework help or extracurricular activities

·         45-75 Minutes: module instruction – based on age group





Sarah Morford – Director, Afterschool Programs




·         One-time process at > Enroll Now

·         No registration fee; pay for first week up front for Standard registration

·         Credit or debit card will auto charge and send you a receipt every Monday

·         Checks and money orders will be collected on-site on Mondays; no cash accepted



We encourage all parents to check out website to learn more about the modules, read sample lesson plans, and register their child or children


Attention: Parents who are seeking Tax Information and Documentation for the 2013 year should contact Chrissy Depew at



Huntsville City Schools will be offering Summer Labs, also provided by Appleton Learning, from Monday May 26th through Friday August 1 in one week increments. Half day and full day options are available.


To register for Summer Labs, obtain information on registration and rates, locations and subjects, please go to:   An overview of the modules is also listed below.






GAME THEORY AND STRATEGY                                          MAY 27- 30, 2014 (4-day week)


Students will develop their own strategy-based games after playing and evaluating a diverse array of board games. Each board game will introduce students to a variety of critical and creative thinking skills. By the end of the week, students will be better prepared to evaluate options, collaborate with their peers, and create something out of nothing.


ROBOTS, GIZMOS AND GADGETS                                 JUNE 2-6, 2014         Students will delve into the exciting world of robots, gizmos, and gadgets in this hands-on exploration of the way things work. In small groups, students will work together to build better versions of simple machines after dissecting and analyzing their components. What will you build? The sky’s the limit.




THE SURVIVAL CHALLENGE                                              JUNE 9-13, 2014


Students will prepare for the possibility of an apocalyptic future by participating in a variety of survival games, hiking expeditions, and emergency scenarios, as well as by learning how to create solar-powered gadgets and tools to include in their survival kits. Whether it’s a weekend camping trip in the woods or a never-ending zombie apocalypse, students will be prepared for whatever their futures hold.




THE SCIENCE OF COMPUTER GAMING                             JUNE 16-20, 2014


Students will uncover the endless possibilities of computer gaming through participation in the virtual world of Minecraft. In small groups, students will compete in a series of Minecraft challenges that will push their minds to the limits! Students will also work as a team to create their own computer games using lessons learned from their experiences with Minecraft.


THE FIVE SENSES                                                                  JUNE 23-27, 2014


Students will engage in a variety of activities that help them to explore each of their five natural senses. Each day will focus on a different sense, with students exploring the endless possibilities of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Each day will also feature multimodal activities that demonstrate the connections among the different senses.


UNLEASH THE BEAST                           JUNE 30 – JULY 3, 2014 (4-day week)


Students will take a walk on the wild side in this fun and hands-on exploration of the animal kingdom. Integrating the study of animals past and present with the creative elements of artistic design and performance, students will learn the skills necessary to be modern day zoologists and paleontologists




EXPLORING THE COSMOS                                                     JULY 7 – 11, 2014


Students will explore the mystery and wonder of outer space in this camp that combines hands-on experimentation with real world learning. From exploring what it would be like to live in space to experiencing the challenges of sending a man to the moon, students will try out the many roles involved in space exploration, from astronaut to mission control.


OPERATION INVESTIGATION                                               JULY 14 – 18, 2014


Students will learn how to decode secret messages, analyze forensic evidence, and design their own spy gadgets during their attempts to solve a series of crime scene investigations. For each investigation, students will travel through time to the scene of an infamous crime. Working in small groups, students will need to use their brains and brawn to be the first spy team to solve each case!




GLOBETROTTING 101                                                             JULY 21 – 25, 2014


Students will explore the world in this engaging, multimodal camp that combines problem-solving, teamwork, and cultural studies. Competing as teams, students will complete challenges that find them exploring and synthesizing information about different places in the world, applying their knowledge to tasks that require a wide range of skill sets. Remember: there will be roadblocks along the way.


ICKY, STICKY, SLIMY AND GROSS                                     JULY 28 – AUGUST 1, 2014           




Students will learn about the icky, sticky, slimy, and gross in this fun and interactive camp that explores the weird side of the natural world. With hands-on experiments and activities that allow them to get their hands dirty, students will learn how to be scientists investigating the world at its grossest.




In accordance with the requirements of title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ("ADA"), the Huntsville City Board of Education will not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability in its services, programs, or activities. For more information contact: (256)428-6836.