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Note: Faculty & staff contact information is available on the staff directory

Introduce yourself here to parents and students. This main bio section should be around a paragraph in length (4-5 decent length sentences) and should be treated as a get to know section, including general information such as hobbies, interests, family, hopes for students/future, etc. Please do NOT include education, work experience, class schedules, etc. in this section.


List all degrees held here, one degree per line. Example:
B.S. Secondary Education, English Language Arts (Jacksonville State University)


List ALSDE certifications then any other certifications. Should be listing, not statements, each cert. on a new line. Ex:
ALSDE Class B, Secondary
National Board Certification


Identify the grades you serve on a single line here. Ex:
9th, 10th


Identify the content area that applies to you here. Possible departments include Administration, English, Science, Math, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Career & Technical, ROTC, Physical Education, Additional Certified Staff, Other Staff., Elementary Instruction.


List previous job-related experiences here, including previous HCS appointments or work outside the district.