Cynthia Rutledge Owens

Cynthia Rutledge Owens

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Hello! My name is Ms. Cynthia Owens. I am a veteran educator of 25 years who began my teaching career overseas with DODDS in Iceland. Since then, I have taught fifth graders in Las Vegas, Nevada , LaGrange, Georgia, Poquoson, Virginia, and I was with Huntsville City Schools for 9 years before when I served gifted learners at Lakewood, East Clinton, and West Huntsville in the early 2000s.

My pride and joy are my handsome son and my beautiful daughter who is also the mother of my two adorable grandchildren. I am very proud that my son in law serves the Air Force as a fighter pilot; we are all very proud to be Americans as well as descendants of the Revolutionary War. Because my children live so far away and travel so much with their jobs, I do enjoy traveling a lot, especially to see them!. My favorite hobbies are gardening, and going to music concerts with my boyfriend, as well as my family , and other friends. I adore all of my lifelong girlfriends whom I am still very close to ; many for decades, as well as my family and friends. I also am a writer and am in the process of finally publishing my books with my now adult children; so writing and reading are two of my passions in life.

My hope for this year is to watch my students grow both academically and emotionally. I can't wait to see my students achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves as they strive to reach their utmost potential. Fifth grade is a pivotal point in children's lives as it is the end of elementary school; this is also the time when children are learning humor this is why it is one of my favorite grades to teach...teaching is my favorite thing since I absolutely love children.


B.S.E.D. Early Childhood and Elementary Education ;Athens University

M.S.E.D. Curriculum and Instruction and Gifted and Talented; University of Colorado




I began my career as an DODDS Educator in Keflavik Iceland. My first position was as an elementary first grade teacher for two years and I was blessed to win the DODDS Atlantic Educator my second year of teaching.

From there, we were stationed in Virginia and I taught in Poquoson, Virgiinia 4th and 5th grade teacher for 3 years. I taught Reading, ELA, Math, and Science...helped co write the Science curriculum and won the Governors Educator Award.

Next we were moved to the Las Vegas area so I worked with Clark County Schools in Nevada. I taught fifth grade for two years in the Green Valley area and was selected into the Southwest Excellence Educators Guide.

Afterwards, we were stationed in Colorado, where I finished my graduate degrees and worked with Academy School District in Colorado Springs , Colorado I was the gifted coordinator for Challenger Middle School.

Next we were stationed in Montgomery, Alabama I worked as the gifted coordinator for the Baldwin Academy of Arts and Talent for a year.

Then, my children and I moved close to my parents and I worked with Huntsville City Schools for nine years prior to moving back here as a gifted teacher and served Lakewood, West Huntsville, and East Clinton ...we won many awards including being the first elementary team in the Southeast ever to win the Math Euclidean Continental League, my students and I were recognized by then Mayor Spencer and the city council.

After my children went to college; I taught fifth grade in Lagrange Georgia for a year before moving to Cartersville, Georgia where I worked for five years at South Central Middle School as a reading and curriculum specialist; along with teaching remedial reading classes during and after school as well as gifted and advanced Literature and ELA 8th grade.

Then, I moved up North and worked as a Reading Specialist with the second largest school district in Illinois, U-46....until I moved back to home and happily rejoined Huntsville City, I am back home.