Orande Cunningham


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Greetings! My name is Orande Jawa Cunningham. I was born and raised in Anniston, Alabama. I relocated to Huntsville, Alabama in the fall of 1994. I enjoy cooking and spending time with my four beautiful daughters. I’ve been in education/counseling since 2002. My objective as an educator is to intentionally create a learning environment that will equip students with critical thinking skills. I strongly believe that educators should provide the guidance needed for development of desirable values, attitudes, and behaviors in personal and social relationships. It is my passion to prepare students properly to prevent poor performances.


Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education/Early Childhood, (Alabama A&M University)


Class B, Early Childhood, Grade Level: P-3
Class B, Elementary, Grade Level: K-6




Counselor, Three Spring/New Beginnings, 2002-2003
Sixth Grade Teacher, Stone RL Middle School, 6th Grade 2005
Center Director, Head Start/Community Action Partnership, 2005-2013
Fourth Grade Teacher, J.R.S. CDCA, 2013-2022