Shelly S. Cagle


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Hello AAA family! I was born and raised in Huntsville. I have been married to Walker since 1997 and we have two children Savannah and Stephen. "Duke" is our Bloodhound and we just rescued a tiny kitten.

I've been a part of the AAA family since 2012, and I really enjoy it! The first three years I was the AAA Adaptive PE teacher. I am also the Athletic Director for the 7th & 8th grade students that play a sport at their home school.

I have always enjoyed exercising & playing sports; mostly tennis and volleyball. However, now I am just a spectator of my students' sports. Walker and I always coached all our children's little league teams but now I enjoy watching students play from the bleachers. Most of my time away from school I spend at the lake, the beach, or just making memories with family & friends.


Alabama A&M University - Physical Education - 2007


ALSDE Class B, Elementary-Secondary
Grade Level: P-12
Physical Education






Physical Education