Olivia Clayton Cooper

Olivia Clayton Cooper

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I am a native of North Alabama. After graduating with my Bachelors degree, I moved to Boston to continue my education. I was excited to return to my home state after completing a Masters program. I taught and lived in Greensboro, Alabama. Anxious to get back home to north Alabama, I accepted a position at Huntsville City Schools and am happy to call Jemison High, home. I pour my heart and soul into my kids in Huntsville City Schools, and I aim to give students in my classroom the skills to use reading and language to improve their lives and to better understand their roles in society. My son, my daughter, my husband, and my students are my life.


BA in English; BA in Religion from Athens State University

Dual Master's in English Literature and Women's Studies from Brandeis Unviversity


ALSDE Class B, Secondary Education in English Language Arts