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Being that I recently moved to Alabama, I am still getting  to know the area but enjoy going to the Trash Panda games, making use of  the nature trails, and trying out all of the new eateries.  I am married  with three children, and I have two dogs, Katie Fluff and Rebel.  My  hobbies include spending time with my family and reading.  My hope is that  my students will see the value of their education -- whatever form that may  be for them.  Whether it is a BA or BS from a major university, a technical  certification, or just a High School diploma, I hope become life-long  learners.


Ph. D. Political Science (University of Mississippi)
M.A. Political Science (Baylor University)
B.A. History and Political Science (North Georgia College and State  University)


ALSDE Provisional Certificate


10, 11, 12


Social Studies