First Day of School

Monday, August 17 is the first day of school for the 2020-21 term.  Students enrolled in the Traditional Learning Framework will begin the 1st 9 weeks in Remote Learning due to the current COVID-19 health situation.  For information about what that will look like this year, including resources related to Schoology, please click the more information button below to view the Reset Plan Information Hub.


All route changes will take effect on Wednesday of each week. Please check the School Bus Routes Map using the link below each Tuesday after 6pm for updated bus route information.
HCS is working to provide parents access to the new Stopfinder mobile app, which will replace the SafeStop app used during the 2019-20 school year. More information regarding the app will be provided on this page when available.

The Transportation Department is responsible for pupil transportation operations and transportation planning.  Currently, Huntsville City Schools employs the Apple Bus Company as our pupil transportation provider. 

  • All questions related to new bus riders or changes to existing rider status should be made directly to the front office of your child's school
  • For all other questions regarding bus routes, please contact Apple Bus using the information below.

Apple Bus Customer Service Office: (256) 361-0919



Transportation Coordinator:

Scott Gillies
Office: (256) 428-8352

Bus Safety Protocols
Health & Safety
  • Bus drivers will be wearing face coverings.
  • HCS requires students to wear face coverings in order to board the bus and enter the school.
    • If a student boards the bus without a face covering, the driver will issue the student a disposable mask.
Sanitation Protocols
  • Buses will be cleaned after morning routes and evening routes every day.
  • To the maximum extent practicable, bus windows will be open one notch to enable air circulation.
  • In the event of a vomit or other bodily fluid spill on the way to school, driver will contact dispatch, who will contact HCS transportation coordinator, who will contact the school staff to ensure that a custodian meets the bus to clean the spill before student egress.  If custuodian is not available, driver or monitor will clean spill using on board spill kit before student egress.
  • In the event of a vomit or other bodily fluid spill on the way home from school, driver or monitor will clean spill using on board spill kit before student egress, and inform dispatch to have cleaning crew ready at the yard.
Entry & Exit
  • All students are encouraged to practice social distancing at the bus stop.
  • Students will board the bus at their assigned stop, checked in in by the driver on the roster.
  • Driver will apply hand sanitizer to each student as they pass the driver seat, using a hand-held pump bottle.
  • Student will proceed to the farthest empty seat, as directed by the driver or monitor, filling the bus from back to front, ensuring that students do not pass other students.
  • Students remain seated for the entire bus ride. The students should sit as close to the window as possible.
    • If public health situation requires reduced capacity (one student to a seat), co-habitating students may sit two to a seat.
  • Exit from the bus will be front to back, at the direction of the driver or monitor. Students will remain seated in their seats until called forward by the driver or monitor, in order to prevent crowding in the aisle.
  • If directed, students who refuse to keep their face covering on or wear one at all will be issued a Student Conduct Report (SCR) by the driver.
  • Students who engage in conduct that places the health of other students at risk issued a Student Conduct Report (SCR) by the driver.
  • Students will remain seated the entire bus ride from entry to exit. Students who do not follow rules will be issued a Student Conduct Report (SCR) by the driver.
  • Student Conduct Reports (SCRs) will be turned in to the school leadership time by the HCS transportation office for determination of appropriate action.
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