Majority to Minority Transfers

Our district permits a student in Kindergarten through 12th grade who is zoned to attend a school where the student's race is in the majority, as specified in the district's student information system, to apply to attend another non-magnet school/program where the student's race is in the minority, where space is available. These transfers are referred to as Majority-to-Minority, M-to-M, or M2M transfers.

When To Apply

The Late M2M Transfer Application Window is open from Now until July 15, 2024 for the 2024-25 school year. Applications received during this time will be awarded seats based on date of application after all students in the lottery have been processed. 

Space Availability

Huntsville City Schools has categorized all schools into four different categories depending on how much space is available to accept M2M transfers. 

The four space availability categories are the following:

  • High Availability Schools - Schools projected to have 30 seats or more for transfers.

  • Medium Availability Schools - Schools projected to have between 15 and 29 seats for transfers.

  • Low Availability Schools - Schools projected to have fewer than 15 seats for transfers. 

  • Limited/No Availability Schools - These are schools projected to have no space available or very limited space available.  Selecting a school that is categorized as Limited/No Availablity will likely result in placement on the wait list, and there is only a small chance that these schools will accept transfers during the wait list period.

A summary of each school's availability to receive M2M transfers can be downloaded, viewed, or printed via the availability sheet below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Parent/Guardian Assistance Contact:

Ms. Tiffany Shoulders
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