Accel Prep Academy


Accel Prep Academy’s primary objective is to provide high school students with a comprehensive educational experience that not only remediates lost credits, but also accelerates their learning.

Purposed Grade Span: Grades 9-12

Students in grades 9th through 12th must apply to HCS Accel Prep Academy (APA) through an application process. This program is intended for students who have failed two or more courses that are required for graduation. Applications are due by April 30, 2024.

While attending APA, students may retake courses to earn lost credits. They will be allowed to accelerate and take additional courses to graduate with or before their intended classmates. This will allow students to take CTE offerings, utilize Dual Enrollment, graduate with their classmates, and/or graduate early after the student is up to date on all unearned credits.

This program will be led by the administration of Apollo Academy and the resources utilized will be shared with Apollo Academy: nurse, SPED teacher, ELL teacher, mental health, counselors, security, and SROs.

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  1. Ensure that the students in the program are on track to graduate with their grade level peers or before.

  2. Support students to graduate with CTE Credentials through HCS and Drake State Community College

  3. Provide opportunities for community service and COOP.

Additional Information

Please watch the Accel Prep video, read the fact sheet, and view the application provided below to find out more about blended learning, the Edgenuity platform, high school credit acquisition, class sizes and program numbers, extra-curricular activities, and dress code.

Read the Accel Prep Academy announcement.

There will be approximately 60 students accepted into the program with classes ranging from 12-15 students. Please note that this program is for mature students who realize their deficits and are goal-oriented to complete the task at hand! In Huntsville City Schools, we are excited for each of you to apply and attend Accel Prep Academy, where the expectation is acceleration!

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