Artist's rendering of new HCS central office and career tech academy buildings at Max Luther Dr.

Huntsville City Schools proudly hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for its upcoming Central Office and Career Tech Facility, a groundbreaking project that will enhance the educational experience and promote innovation within the Rocket City.  The new facilities will be located at the intersection of North Memorial Parkway and Max Luther Drive. 

"By investing in this state-of-the-art facility, we are investing in the limitless potential of our students," said Dr. Clarence Sutton, HCS Superintendent. "Our commitment to excellence is not just about constructing buildings. It's about constructing opportunities, opening doors, and lighting the way for generations to come right here in Huntsville. 

Central Office Highlights:

Artist's Rendering of new Central Office & CTE Facility

The Central Office, spanning 40,000 square feet, will serve as the administrative center for
Huntsville City Schools. The facility will feature a board room and dedicated
offices for the Superintendent and HCS staff. This strategic development will
empower the school district's leadership with a modern, collaborative space to
continue their commitment to excellence.

Career Tech Facility Highlights:

The Career Tech Facility, covering an expansive 81,000 square feet, is designed to
elevate career technical education to new heights. Many of the district's 20
CTE programs currently housed at high schools across the district will be
relocated to the new building with classrooms and specialized labs: 

  • Welding
  • Precision Machining
  • Building Construction
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Culinary Arts
  • Cosmetology

The district is also planning to add new CTE programs including automotive, industrial technology and advanced health sciences. 

The facility will feature two flex labs and classrooms, an additive printing lab, integrated tornado shelter, and a multipurpose area complete with a dining space and kitchen to further enhance the practical experience of students pursuing culinary arts. Additionally, a Greenpower track will be located in front of the facilities to provide students with hands-on learning opportunities to build and race electric cars. 

The facilities are currently scheduled to open in the fall of 2025.