Huntsville Virtual Academy

Huntsville City Schools is pleased to offer a virtual learning experience for students in ninth through twelfth grade who are zoned for Huntsville City Schools and currently enrolled. 

The curriculum features courses in mathematics, science, language arts, world languages, social studies, as well as electives. In collaboration with the school counselor, students will have the opportunity to select a virtual pathway to meet his/her individual learning goals. 

An evaluation of your student’s prior academic performance will be conducted to determine eligibility for HVA this school year. Students will be notified of their acceptance to HVA via email by an HCS staff member with instructions for next steps. 


At orientation HVA students and their families are invited to ask any questions about the program. Please be aware that attending one of the two available HVA Orientation meetings is a requirement for students expecting to participate in HVA

For more information about Huntsville Virtual Academy, please contact the HVA administrator, Dr. Michael Hambrick or Antoinette Parker.