Students in a line working on school work

Huntsville City School leaders are introducing a new program to help high school students work toward unearned credits in classes they may not have passed initially.

The goal of the program, known as Accel Prep Academy (APA), is to help students get back on track academically by remediating unearned credits so they can graduate with their classmates and even accelerate their learning.

Students in grades 9-12 who have at least two unearned credits required for graduation are eligible to apply.

“This is a great program for students who want to get back on track and be prepared for the workforce or head off to college,” said Melissa Veasy Lindsey, HCS Executive Director of Prevention and Support Services.

Accel Prep students will visit core classes and elective classes daily with the option of participating in career and technical programs. Students may earn career tech credentials through the district’s partnership with Drake State Community College. Additionally, the program will provide students with opportunities for community service and dual enrollment.

Students will be able to participate in after-school extracurriculars at their zoned school.

Accel Prep will be based at the Apollo Academy campus located at 2800 Poplar Avenue. Resources will be shared with Apollo Academy including a school nurse, counselors, and more.

Students will follow a dress code consisting of polo and button-down shirts, khaki pants, blazers, and either brown, black, or white tennis shoes.

The program will be rolled out at the beginning of the 2024-2025 school year.