Proposed Capital Plan


Huntsville City Schools' proposed 10-year capital plan will positively impact the future of education across Huntsville. This plan is an investment in the success of our students, teachers, and staff members by outlining our long-term vision for school campuses across the city. The key goals of the proposed capital plan include supporting teaching and learning, reimagining Magnet programs, and optimizing facilities. These goals were designed to align with the district's strategic plan.

View the initial presentation on the 03-19-24 Board Agenda

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Total Investment



Segmented Cycle Diagram showing how Optimizing Facilities, Supporting Teaching & Learning, and Reimagining Magnet all contribute to the central focus of Student Success

Impacted Students

Projected Annual Enrollment Directly Impacted

Key Goals

Feedback & Community Involvement

Feeder Construction Project Schedule

  • Sequencing of projects based on student needs, funding models, operational needs, construction costs, contractor availability, and site planning

  • Subject to change as conditions change 

  • Individual projects and contracts subject to Board and Court approval

  • Dates provided below are anticipated school year completion dates

Districtwide Projects

  • Milton Frank Renovation (2023-24)

  • New Central Office and CTE Center (2025-26)

Columbia Feeder Plan

Grissom Feeder Plan

Huntsville Feeder Plan

Jemison Feeder Plan

Lee/New Century Feeder Plan

The above estimated dates of completion are based on Court approval of the Board's proposed capital plan during the summer of 2024. If the Court approval process goes beyond the summer of 2024, then the above dates will shift accordingly.